We are

There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day,
Alexander Woollcott)


We are a company that provides :
sofware development and sales,
Harware repair and sales.
for the public.


If we are not able to do what you need , we will do our research till we can.


We will come back to you as soon as possible and complete our work in the fastest(and best) way possible.


Everything we do , we do to the best of our capabilities.

Creative Team

Meet our wonderfull and helpfull team


Bennie Janse van Renburg


Hey, I’m Bennie residing in this beautiful world. I create websites, desktop and mobile software. I also repair and sell I.T hardware

We Are Good In

Following are the services we provide

Media Conversion

We can convert almost any form of audio like tapes, LP's etc to CD.
We are also able convert almost any form of video like VHS, 8cm's etc to DVD/DL DVD

Software Design

We create software for various platforms including android.
We alse create websites for your needs.

Data Recovery

Have you Ever lost data that is very dear to your heart? Worry no more we can Get it back for you.


We sell and repair hardware


We Also Sell Secondhand Hardware for those we just need something to start with

Software Sales

We sell Retail and homemade software for your convenience

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